Saturday, December 31, 2011

Goodbye 2011!

Happy New Years Eve!!!!

I have to say, not working Thanksgiving, Christmas AND New Years has just been weird. Awesome, but weird! I haven't had all holidays off since I was in college...and that seems like way too long ago!

In the past, Jon and I have done a variety of things to ring in the new year. We've gone to black tie formal parties, crazy huge parties, house parties, and even GameWorks (which was AWESOME!). But this year we have something much quieter planned.

We have some best friends in town staying with us and we have the most perfect day/night ahead of us! We've created an entire smorgashborg of food that would last a small army a week, but I'm pretty sure we'll have no problems polishing it off between this afternoon and tomorrow morning! And some festive cocktails will go perfectly with all the food goodness!

And then there's the Kinect which may counteract at least a few of the calories! Zumba, dance central, adventures, and sports...Oh yeah, it's gonna be awesome!

So I'm raising my martini glass to a great new year! Whatever you do tonight to ring in the new year, I hope you have a fun and safe time!

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