Wednesday, August 28, 2013

ICU Psychosis

ICU Psychosis is a very real thing.  I see patients with it all of the time.

And I think that I've had it the entire summer.  That's why I haven't blogged since May!

OK, that's most likely not the reason I haven't been blogging.  In actuality I think there are a lot of reasons.  My differential diagnosis (if you will : ) includes but is not limited to:

1.) It's summer...who wants to stay inside and stare at a computer when you can be outdoors and enjoy the short lasting sunshine!

2.) The amount of night shifts I'm required to do increased starting at the beginning of summer, and I feel like lately a majority of my job is spent on nights and weekends....YUCK! If I blogged about that, you'd be depressed.  Because it makes me that way. And I may scare away some new grads or students who want to go into the PICU.

3.) There's just a lot going on, both in worklife and real life.  And some has been fun and exciting, and others more emotional and challenging.  And since I'm not one to process emotions very quickly or easily, it's best I figure that out before it spews on a page for the world to see : ) 

But I'm back.  I started this blog as a way to document the many adventures that I had as a nurse, and now as a nurse practitioner.  And I want to continue to do so.  I want to retire one day, and be able to look back at the many fun and sometimes funny memories that life in the PICU brings.  And even the not so fun, or downright sad memories are important because they have helped shape me into the Nurse Practitioner I am today. 

So I enter the (almost) fall with a renewed energy in work, in life, and in blogging.  Thanks for sticking with me during my hiatus.  And to the sweet reader "Anonymous" who commented back in July to make sure I was ok...thank you!  Yes, I'm ok. 

I'm better than ok.  And I have A LOT to catch you all up on.  But rather than cramming it into one blog (because that would really turn into a mini-novel, and nobody wants that!), I will try to get you updated i
n short spurts. 

So as I leave you today, all I can say is buckle up because it has been, and will continue to be, one bumpy, crazy, and most definitely adventure-filled ride on this road I call being a PICU Nurse Practitioner.