Tuesday, December 13, 2011

If an Adult said it, it would be outrageous...but from a Kid it's Cute!

There are SO many reasons that I chose to work in pediatrics as opposed to the many other options out there.

The only other type of nursing that I considered was labor and delivery and/or the post-partum unit. And while I LOVED every minute of my nursing internship in a mother/baby unit, I just couldn't see myself doing it for the rest of my life. Mostly, I knew that eventually I wanted to go back to school, and becoming a midwife was just not appealing to me.

So I chose pediatrics instead.

And almost weekly (almost!) I am reminded why I am so glad I chose kids, and not adults.

Don't get me wrong, we still have to deal with adults on a daily basis. Kids do have parents after all!

But, kids make SO much better patients! Adults tend to be big babies. Babies on the other hand, are not big babies when it comes to healing. Kids are resilient. They consistently amaze me.

And kids seriously say the cutest things! They certainly say things that adults could never get away with!

Here are just a few things that I have heard recently:

*A 3 year old girl who was in SVT (AKA: heart arrythmia where the heart beats very fast)- "Ohhh, it feels so funny. My heart is Beeping very fast!" And then she proceded to tell me to "feel it" and placed my hand on her chest! Despite profusely sweating, she was giggling the entire time. Most adults would be freaking out!

*A 4 year old little boy said that I could call him "Super Dylan" (name completely changed!) instead of just Dylan because the surgeon made him that way! When I looked confused, he pointed to his sutures and said, "See, he gave me supers....so I'm Super Dylan!"

*Then there's the little boy who called farting "Spoodle-ing"- I'm not even sure how to spell that! But he'd giggle and say "Haa...I spoodled!" Where did he get THAT!?

*And finally, the 4 year old boy who had a foley catheter taken out a few hours prior said that his "weiner hurt really bad." Which really isn't all that funny by itself...I'm sure his weiner did kinda hurt! But when it was proceeded by, "Mommy can you hold it?" really made me laugh!

Ohh kids....gotta love 'em!

At least I do....and that's why I can say I love my job so much!

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