Thursday, December 8, 2011

This is why I'm not a "Home Improvement" blogger


So about 2 years ago, I bought a huge framed cavas print at a thrift store for about 10 bucks. Not only was it a great find, but I had this amazing blog post in mind when I purchased it. I not only would be a great nurse, but stellar at the home decorating game!

And then it just sat in my garage, b/c who was I kidding...I was working full time and in grad school! There was NO time for things like painting...or home decorating!

But, I recently pulled the big boy out of the garage, and remembered why I was so excited about it in the first place!

You see, the canvas was painted a 'la 1984 when pastel colors were all the rage, and flowers were so in! And not just flat painted flowers, but the almost 3-D kind...the paint was coming off the canvas!

*I'm SOOOO mad that I forgot to take a picture of this beauty prior to giving it a face lift! Just imagine lovely teals, pastel blue, and pastel pink flowers...all over! Oh, and with a sparkly gold lie!

But I had big plans for this canvas. Major plans in fact!

For those of you that have been to our house, you know we have 19 foot ceilings in our living room. And that comes with a LOT of wall space. Space that needs some wall love.

And this was where my big ole thrift store framed canvas came into play. Except I didn't really take into account that I'm the worst painter ever. It's no'll see in just a bit!

I'm not sure why this didn't come to mind before, but I can create all these majestical things in my head....but what comes out looks like this:
That's my attempt at an "L" and then some branches.

Told ya! Worst. Painter. EVER!

My 3 year old niece drew me a picture a few weeks ago that looked better than this. And I wish I could blame my bad phone picture, or the lighting, but the whole weird grafitti look is actually how it turned out.

Mainly b/c once I started painting, I realized I couldn't, well, paint!! So I busted out the good 'ole can of spray paint from the garage to hide the "imperfections"...AKA: the entire painting!

So now I'm back to square 1. Which means I am going to re-paint the entire canvas a neutral color that I started with. Then, I'll go to Hobby Lobby and buy a nice big stencil pattern that I can use to create some sort of geometric shape or the like.

I can't mess that up....can I???

Guess I should just stick with nursing, b/c clearly painting is not in my future! But, since it's had me laughing (and slightly getting mad b/c I HATE not being good at things!), I thought I'd share.

I can't have you thinking all this PICU nurse does is nursing. All day...every day! Although from the looks of it, I'm thinking that's exactly what I SHOULD do!

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