Saturday, December 17, 2011

Christmas Brunch

Today was my 6th annual Christmas brunch! I began this tradition the first year I started in the PICU order to get to know some co-workers better...and just have some great food with friends!

It was such a hit, that I've done it every year since! And today was no exception! Usually, I invite about 20 people and only about 4-6 can come because the holidays are just a crazy time for people!

But today there were actually 12 of us! It was a full house...and loads of fun!

I had every intention of taking pics of all the food and cute little decorations that came along, but completely got caught up in all of the cooking, chatting, and laughing. So, no pictures this year : ( But here's one from last year, just to prove how much fun we can have! I'm pretty sure we were practicing our "smeyes-ing"...ha!
I guess the lack of picture taking is completely appropriate b/c there seems to be a lot of "getting caught up" lately!

We've been so busy this year we didn't set up a Christmas tree. Or Christmas decorations for that matter. Unless you count the 2 Christmas candles and snowmen salt and pepper shakers that were set out this week, which I kinda don't!

But I just turned up the Christmas music, turned on my "Christmas Cheer," brought out the mimosas, and called it a day!

In the end, it worked out fine. I tried a few new recipes which did not disappoint. And used a few of my mom's tried and true recipes which are always crowd pleasers.

Sausage balls are one of the "must haves" every year, and while they turned out great, they were a bit different this year. Since I've worked the past few days, and got off super late last night, my amazing hubby said he'd help me get stuff ready.

So I gave him the Sausage Ball duty. I realize now, this may have not been the best dish to pass along. Sausage balls are usually bite sized meat, biscuit and cheese deliciousness. Bite size generally being the key word...ok, maybe deliciousness is. But bite size is also key!

But when you give this responsibility to a man, things get taken to epic proportions. Maybe it's because there's the word "balls" in there and the mans ego just defaults to LARGE. Or maybe my "bite sized" means something very different than Jon's apparent stuff-your-entire-face-full "bite sized." Whatever the explanation, these things were HUGE!!

And so huge, that no fewer than 3 people made comments about them! Which again, with the word balls thrown in makes for some hilarious brunch humor!

So despite being a crazy time of year and having a lack of "time" lately, this was a breath of friend-filled fresh air that I needed!

So thank you friends for making the 6th Annual Christmas brunch a hit!! And thank you amazing husband for bringing your balls...ahem, your sausage....umm, the Sausage Balls. They were delicious! (yes, I'm aware the "ahem" "ummm" game could continue....)
*Here's the one picture I managed to snag with my phone- Jonny and his prized *sausage* balls : ) Merry Christmas Brunch!


  1. So funny I don't know what to say! That's undoubtedly a good thing.

  2. Wow! Seems like you have lots of fun, eh. The size of that sausage balls is indeed big, eh. haha.

    Peny@nurse quiz