Sunday, March 20, 2011

Spring Cleaning on Spring Break!

One week of Spring Break down, one more to go. I must say that last week just FLEW by!!! How is it that some of the weeks with crazy amounts of school work, clinicals, and work just drag...but the "days off" go by almost unnoticed b/c they are so quick!!

I will say I enjoyed a bit of the warm-ish weather, had a nice long run, cooked a great meal or two, had some good wine, and was able to have lunch with some friends. So the week was not completely a wash!

But this week is all about being productive. Don't get me wrong...I fully intend to have my weekly massage (thank you SO much for a great chiropractor and great insurance!!). And I plan to give myself a MUCH overdue mani/pedi.

But I also plan to do some major spring cleaning!!! And I just got some awesome products in the mail to try out (see pic below)!! I am a "Bzz Agent" (to sign up, click here)- if you've never heard of it, you have to sign up. It's a great way to get free stuff (e.g.: all these great cleaning products that just came in the mail this week!!). All you have to do it share the bzz about the products! In the past, I've gotten Cover Girl lip gloss, eye shadow, Florida's Natural Orange juice, Afrin nasal spray, and other "stuff." The point is, you get to join campaigns to get free stuff, and you just have to spread the word!!
So back to my Spring Cleaning plans. A thorough sweeping, mopping, and dusting is a must. And the Lemon Pledge will be great for that! Ever since we got wood floors, and have tons of food furniture (end tables, coffee table, entry way table, tv stand, etc.) the dust is crazy evident!!

And then there is the beast called our master bathroom shower. For some reason there is a "black" that just WILL. NOT. come clean!!! Now let me tell you, in the PICU we have some MAJOR heavy duty cleaning supplies. Like the kind that says "Do not touch to bare skin. Will cause fetal damage. Will cause cancer"- etc. So these are no joke.

And yet the black remains!! And yes, we've tried straight up bleach, tons of bathroom cleaning products, the aforementioned fetal damaging, cancer causing PICU cleaning products, and other natural products. But the funk known as bathroom blackness will not go away!!! So I'm gonna use the scrubbing bubbles I got in my kit to see if it will help....fingers crossed!!

And finally, a project I'm super excited about. I'm refinishing our coffee table!! I've never stained a piece of furniture before, but I'm really excited to!! Our coffee table is in sad shape, so it's in need of a little TLC. Jon wanted new tables...I didn't want to spend $$$. So this is our compromise. Hope it works out : ) I'll take some before and after photos so you can be the judge...and back me up in case Jon doesn't like it : )

Have you gotten Spring Fever yet?? Any new cleaning tips or products that you love?? Oh, and if anyone has any ideas for the nasty shower we've got going on, I'd love to hear it!!

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