Saturday, March 12, 2011

I'm Done!!! Part (2 of 4)

So I know this post is 3 days late. But better late than never right??
Wednesday was my last day of PICU clinicals....ever!!!!! While I LOVE the PICU, I am SO glad that clinicals in it are over!

In fact, driving home, this was how excited I was:
Ignoring the poor phone picture quality...and the fact that I clearly look ridiculously tired despite my true inner excitement...I was excited to be getting in that car and driving home! My last review with my preceptor went great. She said that I was "above average" (heaven forbid, they actually tell you that you're "good"). But either way, if "above average" is the best option, I'll take it!
And once again, despite bad pic quality, and the fact that I just look straight up special, this is some true happiness people! This is the face of "above average" happiness : )
And finally, I may or may not have broken out into a rock star....

I'm telling you, this was an exciting day! After the Attending got in my face (ok, not really IN my face, but close to it!) during rounds when I was presenting, asking "Are you a scientist?? ARE. YOU. A. SCIENTIST?" this warrented my rock star attitude. I wanted to answer "Uh, No way!! I'm a nurse!"....but I knew that would not go over well, so instead I said "Yes!"

Adios PICU...hola Infectious Disease. Doesn't that just sound appealing!! Ha! So my next 4 weeks will be spent looking at different "bugs" and figuring out which antibiotics, antifungals, antivirals, etc. will be appropriate for the kids. This is definitely not something I'd want to specialize in, but it's a big portion of boards, so I'm excited to have the experience.

So 2 of 4 clinical quarters are done....and 2 was the hardest, most stressful, probably most time consuming! Yeah, sigh of relief! Next week I'm on "spring break"- and while we're not going anywhere spring break-y like Miami, or some other party place in Florida, it'll still be nice to have 4 days off. Yes, 4 DAYS OFF!!!

I don't know what the remaining 2 quarters will hold, but I do know if they go as quickly as the last 2, I'll be a graduate before I know it! And then there will be a whole new set of adventures to embark on. But I think I'll stick to the adventure at hand. Because for now, I love my job in the PICU... and I'm not willing to give that up just yet!

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