Thursday, March 24, 2011

Just a quick post

I wanted to post really quick this morning as a follow up to my Spring Cleaning post. Jon and I had some friends over last night and we needed to clean our house...especially dust and sweep!! Jon used the Lemon Pledge that I got in my bzz kit (see THIS post if you have no idea what I'm talking about). Let me tell you, this stuff made our entire house smell AMAZING!!! It smelled so lemon-y fresh and clean! I love that clean house smell!!

It didn't leave any kind of slippery residue on my furniture, and the dust was gone, so I'd have to say this was a great product! Those people at Johnson & Johnson really know how to make a rockin' dust cleaner!!

Now I'm off to have a coffee date with a friend!! She used to be a co-worker, until she turned to the dark side (primary care in a doctors office : ). But, she is now a Nurse Practitioner, and she's helped me through school so much...primarily by giving me tons of books!!! So I'm excited to say that this coffee date is NOT one r/t to school...I no longer need any books for my remaining class. So it'll be nice to catch up, and NOT talk about school!!

Hope you are all having a great Thursday morning. I'll probably post more about work tonight since I've been slacking in the work/school post area! Hey, I've been enjoying my break, and not wanting to think about it unless absolutely necessary!

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