Wednesday, October 27, 2010

What they teach in grad school these days!

So I'm trying to get caught up on my weekly Primary Care readings....

(ok, caught up on last weeks readings!! You gotta start somewhere right???)

Anyways, we're learning about preschoolers this week....normal development, anticipatory guidance, common illnesses, etc. etc. etc.

So in the 16 chapters of advanced practice nursing stuff that I'm expected to read is the following (brace yourself, you might not feel capable of keeping up!) :

"Nose picking, noted in children and adults, is reported in more than 90% of individuals. In general, adults and older children limit nose picking to when they are unobserved, but younger children will pick their noses in public. There are no gender-based differences in the incidence of nose-picking. Epistaxis* is the most common complication of nose picking."
*image via google

Really?? REALLY??? I can't believe this reading is mandatory!! Oh I'll be really prepared to take care of sick ICU kiddos on life support with this added knowledge!!

At least it provided some comic relief...I mean, I really paused after reading that and laughed!! Whoever said being a PICU nurse is all sadness and seriousness has never seen Advanced Practice PICU nurses grad school readings!!

*Epistaxis- nose bleed

Reference: Berkowitz, C. (2008). Pediatrics: A Primary Care Approach. Los Angeles: Saunders Company.

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