Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Nonconventional Medicine

I got an e-mail from my Great Aunt today reminding me of some of the popular medicinal remedies used for children (and adults) in the past... interesting!!

Heroine was sold in the late 1800's as a "non-addictive" (HA!) substitute for morphine AND was most commonly used for children suffering from a "strong cough"

Maltine with Coca Wine was bottled and recommended for "making you happy"- on the label: "Recommended to drink one glass after every meal. Children should drink half a glass."

40% alcohol + 3 g opium in each tablet? Treatment for asthma?? Probably NOT...but perhaps the patient felt so "good" they didn't even care they were still wheezing!!

Cocaine Toothache drops... very popular with the kids in 1885 (gee, I wonder why!?)

And for those newborns that were feeling left out out being drugged up...for medicinal purposes of course : ) ... how about some Opium as a sleep aid!

Wow, have times changed!?! If this nurse used any of these old school treatments, that would be a WHOLE different kind of adventure!!!

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