Sunday, October 3, 2010

SO done with school....and a fun weekend!!

It's a good thing Jon and I had a great weekend, b/c otherwise my post would only be ranting about school!

First the rant: I am officially getting SICK of school!! Correction: I am officially sick of school. It's been over 2 years, and while I started saying "I LOVE school" my song has definitely changed!! I am so done with being stressed out because of it....and I'm so done with papers, putting up with teachers, and not having much time for anything other than school and work...and the VERY occasional fun thing.

It's mostly the teacher thing that is frustrating me (eg: don't give me feedback that my paper has been written very well and much improved from the last one...but then give me a B- w/o reasons why!) But enough of the frustration...

Onto the fun!!

This weekend Jon and I went to a Fork, Cork & Style Festival. We had BLAST watching Top Chef contestants and Emeril cooking at live demonstrations, eating their food, sampling 13 other restaurants, and having a wine tasting!! We were able to try over 200 kinds of wine (ok, well, we didn't try all 200, but there were options!!) We had 6 glasses that were over $150 bottles....hello!! And surprisingly, NOT that good!!
But, what does this have to do with being a PICU nurse!? Well, not much really, other than the fact that there is VERY little time for fun these days, and I felt the need to post about it! But, one quality required of a PICU nurse is to be adaptive and creative. THIS I was....

You can't see it, but I had one nasty blister that was bleeding into my shoe....( and another 2 on my toes!)

So I improvised and came up with the best solution for this clear acute injury : )

Wet wipes!!! While this nurse did not have any band-aids left in her purse, I did have an alcohol swab to clean the area with (OUCH!) and then the wet wipe to act as a barrier between my broken down skin and my shoe!

Now that's one creative PICU nurse!! : ) Hope you all had a great weekend!

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