Sunday, October 24, 2010

A Nurse Through and Through!

This weekend, a bunch of friends got together at our house to have a Fall/Halloween weekend of fun. We ate a bunch of food, watched 2 scary movies (Children of the Corn-2009 version...NOT so scary, and Exorcism of Emily Rose...SO scary!) and then ventured off to the haunted corn maze.

While I LOVE planning days like this, I was not the coordinator...gee I wonder why, with my schedule lately!?

So, an e-mail was sent out to all of us getting us ready for the Haunted Corn Maze. On the "What to Bring List" was "glowstick" for light to see the map in the maze. Now in MY opinion, what I brought WAS a glowstick!!

Apparently, it wasn't what everyone else was thinking of : )

It's probably way to small to distinguish in the picture, but my glowstick was a pen light....courtesy of the PICU. Hey, it's a stick, and when you push the button it glows, so I think it counts : )

Guess I'm just a nurse, through and through!!

PS: For those of you that subscribe and get e-mail version of my blog, I'm not sure why you were sent a really old post recently. Jon does NOT have a new job....he did back in May when I posted it. Hopefully you'll just be getting posts as I write them!! Thanks for those of you that noticed!

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