Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Pajama Fancy

Working in the PICU that I do, it's not uncommon to see parents come in late at night with the craziest things on! Or in some cases, a crazy little amount of things on!

Oh who am I kidding....these people come at any point of the day or night wearing these things!

We frequently get younger parents that live in sweatpants with words on the butt. It can be quite interesting seeing the things that are spelled out on the bums of some of these pants! And for whatever reason these butt word pants are always paired with a super skimpy, one size too small, spaghetti strap tank top! Nice!

Then there's the parents that come in wearing a dirty t-shirt and jeans with holes all over them...and not the stylish ones! And then they stay in this lovely outfit the entire stay. Even when that's a week! And even when we offer scrubs...because they stink! Gross!

But this week, we had a mom come in wearing pajamas like I have never seen. Maybe its because we don't see the "high society" people quite as often as I thought. Or maybe it's because most people have better sense than to wear this get-up to a PICU.

Either way, this mom was fully decked out in silk pajamas: silk pajama pants with a silk pajama tank lined with lace, and a floor length silk robe. All in a wonderful gold, blues and greens paisley pattern. Her hair was what I would call "perfectly coiffed" if I knew what the word "coiffed" meant. Oh, and instead of slipping on tennis shoes or flip flops like most people keep near the door, she put on her plush slippers.

Her entire pajama outfit probably cost more than what I spend in an entire year on my wardrobe. *Yes, I'm aware this is slightly cheating, since I mostly just thrift! But still!!!

I didn't even know people wore this stuff to bed! Or kept it handy enough so when their daughter has a medical emergency in the middle of the night they would be good to go! But this woman did...does!

And let me just tell you the looks that this mom got. From other patients, families, and even staff!

Now in all fairness, I'm sure there was some snickering when the patient came in at 3 am. But at 3pm when the mom was still wearing these beauties despite being brought a posh rolling bag of clothes, it was an all out snicker-fest!

And I have to say, I was one of them! I mean, really!?!? It made me want to bring her child's medications on a silver platter. Or pure gold. Or whatever the really fancy people get served on!

But I just brought them in my gloved hand like I normally do. Real classy, yes I'm aware.

Hey, what can I say...I'm a nurse. I'm here to serve! And the fact that my clientelle may range from having "Juicy" butt sweatpants to fancy schmancy silk is besides the point!

What I think the point is...or should be...is both the juicy and the silky keep us laughing. And really, at the end of a long 12 1/2 hours shift, what more could you ask for!?!?

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  1. Where I used to work, we had a "frequent flyer" patient being readmitted and the mum of the child said to us when she came up to the ward, "Down in ED it was FULL!! And I was the only one wearing shoes at 0900 on a Wednesday morning!" :)