Wednesday, November 9, 2011


SO many people the past few months have asked me what it feels like to be done with school!

In fact, I pretty much feel like every conversation at work starts with "'s being done with school!?"

Which I don't mind, b/c I love being done! Like, REALLY love it!!!

It feels like freedom!! Which reminds me of this: Only I'm a nurse, not a warrior. And people would be concerned for my health if I painted my face is NOT our favorite color in the PICU! And I'd probably get fired if I swung around a metal stick at the patients. But you get the point!

*On a total side note, I love how in this picture everyone is trying to be so manly and warrior-esque...except the smaller man in the lower right corner who's just smiling away! Apparently he didn't get the memo! He's more like "Look at me mom, I made the movie!" Ohh, or how sad if this IS his best manly warrior-esque face!

Wow- totally digressing!

Anyways, back to the "How does it feel to be done with school?" question. That is the easy one.

The question that ALWAYS follows is "So what are you going to do now?"

To which I want to reply:

-Nothing...I'm going to do nothing. And I like it!
-Umm, just stay in this PICU forever, b/c I love it!
-Go home and drink a glass a wine...and not think about what I am going to do!
-I have no idea!!!

So you can see the theme above. It's almost as if I pretend I don't need to/want to find a new job as a nurse practitioner, then I won't have to do it.

But someday, I will start looking.

Just not this week. Because really, I love where I am at. And because I won this. So who wants to be the newbie at a hospital and get stuck working ALL the holidays when I don't have to!?!?

Glad you agree with me!

So here's to some more procrastination (which goes against EVERYTHING I have EVER believed in up until this point in my life!). What have you been putting off lately!?

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