Friday, September 9, 2011

A new era

August is gone...September is here.

The heat and long summer days are winding down, and the fall "chill" is starting to set in with slightly earlier but no less gorgeous sunsets.

And how appropriate is this change when I am ending one season of my life, and entering into another! It's actually very exciting!

Grad school is done. Clinicals are over (Thanks Goodness!!!). The ending of a stressful, crazy, isnane time of my life is here!

And the end of one era always leads to the beginning of a new one.

I love fresh starts. New beginnings. The renewing of your mind, spirit and energy.

To kick off this new era, Jon and I took a trip. Well, Jon's company "told us" to take a trip so he could attend a work conference. And I guessed I HAD to go along : )

Where did we celebrate this entering of a new era???

It began in .... Vegas!!! BTW- definitely NOT the place to go to "renew your mind, spirit, and energy!

But, it is a great place to see lots of lights, hear lots of sounds, try some amazing food, and win a bit of money (to the tune of $150...not too shabby for playing only a few bucks in penny slots!).

My initial plan was to bring these 4 books, and read them all. I planned on relaxing at the pool every day while Jon was gone to the conference.

What really happened was I finished Three Cups of Tea on the flight there (b/c I was amost done with it anyways). Then I started the first 12 pages of Mini Shopaholic (I LOVE this series...such a cute, fun, quick, girly read!). And that's where my relaxed, reading blissed ended.

Maybe it's the PICU nurse in me that is used to being busy. Or my crazy hectic schedule of the last 3 years just hadn't settled out of my system. My mind just didn't know how to turn off in Vegas. With everything going on around me, I found it impossible not to constantly walk around, see things, and do things. So while the pool didn't happen, I still had a good time.

It may not have been the relaxing trip I intended, but it was good to get away. It was the perfect crazy trip to a crazy place to end the crazy era! Now looking back, how appropriate!

I will write a full Adventures in Vegas post on Monday (I have to work this weekend) and leave you with the fun pictures then!

But for now, here's a Happy Friday cheers to the ending of one era, and the beginning of a new one!

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