Thursday, September 29, 2011

Rainy Days

My day started like this:
Super rainy and overcast. And instead of getting down in the dumps, I was....

SOOOO excited because.....

I finally got to wear my NEW


I have been wanting a pair of these bad boys for a few years, and I finally found them!! Yes, I know, it's not like its hard to find rainboots. There everywhere. But I didn't want to pay more than $25 for a shoe that would be worn just a few times a year, and are more practical than a fashion statement!

So I didn't have to! There's this new amazing thrift store near my house that I can't get enough of. I have had a few amazing....AMAZING....finds lately! Most of them happen to be in the shoe department, but they are awesome! I may need to make a post of the other great finds b/c I'm just so excited about it!

And even better, the other day Jon brought up at a party the incredible riding boots that I got! Hello, the husband is bringing up my great finds! He's just excited about my thriftiness and I can't blame him! These boots are still selling in stores and online.
Their price: $199. My price: $7!!

With all the crazy rain days we get in the spring and fall, rainboots are just so practical. But, I haven't had the appropriate time to wear them.

Until today!
So I modeled them....(yes, I'm aware, I should stay away from modeling...and perhaps put some makeup on every once and awhile!)

And I did the rainboot dance...perhaps more than once! THIS I will NOT stay away from!!

What!?!? You've never heard of the rainboot dance!? Oh, you're SO missing's fun! I promise!

Once I was all danced out, I went outside to brave the storm and walk to my chiropractor appointment. OK, that may have been a bit dramatic because the office is right across the street from me, and really, it wasn't storming...just heavy rain!

But nonetheless, I walked outside to brave the "heavy rain".....
Which had apparently gone away while I was busy doing my happy rainboot dance. Oh well! I kept them on, and was able to stay dry through my sloshy walk! Now that's what I'm talking about!

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  1. Just for the record, blogger and I are NOT friends today! I had to re-format this blog about 25 times, and when it was finally right, I published...only to have it coming looking all wonky and such! Sorry- IT is NOT my forte...guess I'll stick with nursing!!