Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Completely Saturated

So I have been studying for boards for the past week or two.

I can't say that I've put a lot of TIME in, but I certainly have gone through my flashcards enough to fill my brain cells.

I think, in fact, that I have completely saturated ALL my brain cells. There feels like there is NO additional room for information.

Which is not ideal actually b/c I don't really know all the content of every flash card.

My mind is SO full, that really there is no capacity for anything more. I was leading a meeting at work yesterday and could not find the appropriate words about 7 times.

Later in the day at work, I was trying to answer a question another (newer) nurse asked me, and totally couldn't get the information out. I KNOW this stuff, but for whatever reason, the flash card info is on the forefront of my mind.

Ask me to describe an ASD murmur- done. Explain the difference between anticholinergic and cholinergic syndrome- no problemo. Review the process of rapid sequence intubation- done and done.

BUT- ask me my favorite color, middle name, or how to drive from here to the store....yeah, THAT is the hard stuff right now!

Something is taking over my brain!!! It's either flashcard brain, or a brain tumor. And I'm pretty sure I'm right in diagnosing with the first option. "Flashcard brain" is a real diagnosis BTW! : )

So I've decided to just not take anything additional on that involves my brain from here until boards.

No more crossword puzzles. Ok, I've never really done one, but I always wished I could get into them! Certainly no more...

OK, really WHAT is it that I do that uses my brain! OMG!!! I can't even think of THAT!!!

Either way, I will just keep chugging along with the flashcards, and hope that there is just a BIT more room for all the information!

And let me tell you, I'm sure there is a high probability that about 85% of the information spills out of my brain after boards are done, but I'm ok with that! I just want to pass, and become the Acute Care Pediatric Nurse Practitioner that I've wokred SO hard to become!

So if you see me or talk to me in the next few weeks before boards, don't expect much. And if I spout off random information that doesn't make sense to your non-medical ears, just smile & nod. Hey, even to the medical ears, I may be babbling total nonsense! I promise I won't be this way least I hope not!

Oh, and 1.) Pink
2.) Lynn
3.) drive 2 blocks south and you're there! yeah, not that hard!
**I guess I do have some of the "small" stuff still in me : )

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