Thursday, August 11, 2011

That's a Wrap!!

I'm done!

I'm done, I'm done, I'm done!!!

I had my last day of clinicals today, and it was awesome! I got to start a triple lumen central line on a patient in the OR and got it on my first stick!!!

The surgeon working on the other side trying to get another line said "Way to make me look bad!"

But my shaking hands made his rock stable hands look much more impressive, so this nurse certainly didn't make him look bad!!!

My head was calm (hello, I can put in IVs at work and do tons of other procedures!) but my hands had another thought! Ugh, stupid nerves and stupid "Wise" shaky hand genes!

But oh well...I got it and that's what matters!!

And now I'm done!!

I have 2 papers that are due in the next 2 weeks. BUT- being the type A person that I am, those are done!

I finished one on purpose b/c it was easy. The second one I finished a week early b/c for whatever reason I thought it was due then. I was wrong, but I don't care because...

it's DONE!!

And I'm done!!!! I know you can't tell how excited I am, but being done feels great!

While I still have to study for boards (and pass!) I am going to enjoy staying home 2-3 extra days a week. I can easily get some major studying done, on my patio, in the sun...after I've had a great workout!

So yeah, being done rocks!

I can't even think of a witty way to end this post because I'm just that excited. So all I'll say is, "That's a wrap!" Ohhh YEAH!!!

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