Monday, February 11, 2013

Money isn't everything...BUT...

The weirdest thing happened at work yesterday- I was sitting in a family meeting to discuss one of our long term patients and his family's wishes for the remainder of his care when my volte phone rings.

The volte phone is an internal phone that we hold so that we can communicate with other APNs, physicians and our bedside nurses quickly via text or call. It doesn't work outside the premises of the hospital, and many times doesn't work great even within the hospital!

But the phone rang, so I excused myself from the meeting to answer it.

On the other line was a man who was speaking in a rather quiet tone, and seemed secretive.  He asked "Is this Dana? How are you? Just wanted to check in with you..." all without even saying who he was!

Which then prompted me to cut him off to ask.  Turns out, he was a job recruiter, and he was calling to see if I would be interested in an APN job in the Pennsylvania area, focusing on congenital heart ICU patients, offering $130,000, and with great translocation benefits (although even now, I'm not sure exactly what that is).  Apparently he thought he'd catch me at a good time being the weekend.  Too bad he called on a solely work line!

My first response was, "How in the world did you get this number...this is an internal volte phone!? And second, how did you get a hold of me!?"  Lastly I thought "$130,000...really??? I knew I was underpaid, but REALLY???"

He then slyly responded, "Now I know you're at work, and you probably shouldn't talk about this matter, but simply say 'Yes, alright that sounds doable' if you're interested."

To which I replied, "You have the wrong APN.  I just started 7 months ago, and am certainly in NO market to get a new job.  Especially in Pennsylvania.  Although, if you could work on getting me that salary or something even remotely comparable to where I'm at now, then we can definitely talk!!"

He then proceeded to tell me if I gave him the information to my co-workers and they accepted the job there would be a hefty referral fee.  As enticing as that sounded, I then remembered we only have 6 APNs at the moment with 4 open positions which leaves us extremely short staffed, and our scheduling has been a bit ridiculous of late.

So NO, I do not have anyone I can give you information to.  And if you, dear APN recruiter even think about trying to pry one of us away, you will have to deal with the wrath that comes upon this APN when she is asked to come off her regularly scheduled shifts to pick up, oh lets say "just another weekend" or "just another night shift."  It's not pretty.  You've been fairly warned.

So it looks like this PICU APN is turning down another $130,000 job to keep working with the incredibly small, incredible close but occasionally dysfunctional APN family right where I am.  OK, I guess I have never turned down any kind of offer like that before, but I am now.

Because there is so much more to life than money.  And while yes, it would be great to make THAT.MUCH.MORE. we are comfortable where we are.  I will put up with the scheduling nuances and politics that go on because, really those are everywhere.  And its nice to know that despite having to put up with it, I can deal with it in a PICU family that truly cares.  We all love what we do, and it shows.

On the other hand, any APN out there looking for an incredible, amazing job that pays really well (like, $130,000 well!), with great translocation benefits???  If so, I have the perfect recommendation for you!....hey, money isn't everything, but a little referral bonus never hurt anyone : )


  1. That recruiter sounds pretty sneaky! Did he ever say how he got your number?

    I think translocation benefits is that they'll pay for your move.

    I know how you feel about loving the people you work with.

    Okay so you told us about your eating habits. Now what do you do for exercise? ;)

  2. I love working out...most days anyways! Lately I've been doing interval training on the treadmill or stair climber (sprinting for 30 sec-1 min, then walking for 30 sec-1 min), or Insanity DVDs which are killer, and weight lifting (doing back to back reps in order to keep my heart rate high and burn more calories).

  3. Hmmm, sounds like someone needs to negotiate a raise, I mean you do have a $130k offer to bargain with :)

  4. That is strange but sounds like it is time for a raise!!!