Wednesday, June 6, 2012


I know, I's been awhile.  But at least I have a good excuse.

I took a few days off last week, from orientation no less!, and the man and I went on a quick little 7th anniversary trip.

It was FABULOUS!  Between the stress of the new job, the craziness of all the infertility stuff, friends moving away faster than I can keep track of, and just life, it was great to get away!

We had been talking for awhile about doing a little weekend anniversary someone nearby...perhaps a B &B, or even a fun hotel in the city.  But then we set our sites a bit higher, got carried away, and ended up in....

Miami beach!  I don't really know what I was expecting, but it was SO different than what you see on tv.  I guess CSI Miami didn't prepare me well : )  But if that's anything like saying Grey's Anatomy didn't teach me how to do the surgery well, point taken!  It was pretty rainy and stormy the entire day we were there, but we still found ways to kick back, relax, and enjoy the free happy hour!

And then we went on a 3 night Bahamas cruise.  The first 2 days the weather was very rainy and very windy...all day.  I was starting to see a (depressing) pattern.  But the last day in Nassau was gorgeous!  I mean picture perfect, crystal clear turquoise water, bright blue sunny skies, perfection!

We made the most of the entire trip...sunny or stormy.  We found time to relax, unwind, and just enjoy quality time together.

I didn't even have one dream of the PICU...which says a lot!  I truly left the PICU behind, fully and completely.  And despite how much I love my job, that is needed every once and awhile!

But now it's back to the PICU grind.  Well, actually, tomorrow it's back to the Cardiology grind, because I'll be spending the day with them.  But the rest of the week through Saturday I will back to the PICU.

I guess if there's anywhere I'd like to "grind" it would be in the PICU.  Except wow, that just took the saying WAY out of context.  So I guess we'll keep it at "Glad to be back to the PICU grind."  Or something like that.  Hope your "grinding" is going well this week! : )

PS: I will post pics...soon...ish!  Maybe after this weekend!?

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