Thursday, June 28, 2012

Call Shift #2 Down

I had my 2nd ever call shift last night, and I must say I am glad it is over!

Being up for 27 or so hours is not easy. Or fun.  Or desirable to me in any stretch of the imagination.

But it happened.

I came home looking beat up.  And my breath stunk.  And I had things on my pants that I didn't know whether they were food, drink spillage, or some patient funk.  Gross!

But I must say that I hit the pillow and did not think twice about falling right to sleep.

And this never happens to me! Usually it takes me awhile to get to sleep.

But not this morning.  Nope, I hit the bed at 10:45 and was asleep before the clock had the chance to hit 10:46.

And then I slept until 4 pm!  WHAT!?  It was probably some of the best 5 hours of sleep I have ever gotten!

And while last night had it's crazy moments and events, I think I'll save that story for later.  But that story will come, because I learned a few lessons on call last night.

For now, I am going to revel in the beauty of what's called sleep.  The way that it makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside once you get it after being told "No" for so many hours.  And the magical ability that it has in making your mind clear once again.

Ahhh, I love to sleep.  I love my job as a nurse practitioner.  But man, oh, man I love to get me some sleep!

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