Monday, June 25, 2012

The Look of an APN after a 16 Hour Call Shift

Yeah, that title is deceiving.  A picture of me after my call shift is NOT going to happen.  Let's just say, the ponytail is a bit messier, and the lack of make-up and tired eyes is quite obvious!

I worked my first 16 hour call shift last night...and thankfully, surprisingly to me, I'll still alive enough this morning to tell about it!

I am SOOO not a night person.  My bedtime is pretty much around 9:30 every night...yes, I am an old lady in a not quite 30 year  old body!

When I worked nights for about a year and a half as a new grad nurse, I stunk at it.  I was constantly tired, always hungry (hence the 13 or so pound weight gain in that first year- grr!), and definitely cranky.  So going into this I wasn't very optimistic.

But it actually wasn't that bad!  Don't get me wrong.  16 hours is 16 hours, so it was long.  But it certainly could have been worse.

It most likely is because our team only has 6 patients on it right now, when we normally have 12-15.  And of those 6 patients, 4 were barely an excuse for PICU patients....they could have very well been floor patients.

But regardless, it wasn't that bad! And I'm reveling in it!  I work another 16 hour call shift Wednesday, and am crossing my fingers that it will go just as smoothly.

I must say, 3 hours of sleep never felt so good!

So here's to a good-morning to most of the world.  And a good night to all my on-call overnight nursing and APN buddies!

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