Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas!

The past few days I had every intention writing a pre-holiday post since I've been pretty MIA this week. But detailing my last few days of total and complete relaxation at my parents house would have been pretty boring. It's been SO nice to just sit and chat, have all day bonfires, catch up on some reading, and get in GREAT "hills of Georgia" workouts!

It has been a MUCH needed break after working 3 crazy days in a row in the PICU and getting 4 hours of sleep before a super early morning flight! Perhaps more on that later....or maybe I'll just completely forget about those work days!

But today I am going to thoroughly enjoy Christmas Day with my man and my parents! Ja and G you are VERY missed!!

I hope you have a fun, relaxing, family-filled day as well!!


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