Friday, November 25, 2011

What I will NOT be doing today

The day after thanksgiving holds many traditions for many people.

I would NOT be one of these people. In fact, there are more things that I will NOT be doing today than things I will actually be doing!

For example, I will not be doing this:
I wasn't lying when I said that I was going to eat my weight in all things potatoes yesterday! And my scale wouldn't even be able to say "Help"- standing on it today would probably squash the life out of it!

I will also not be one of these crazies:
I don't understand all you people out there that stand in line for hours, camping out for a camera...or a toy...or anything for that matter! But if you were up in the wee hours this morning being one of "those people" I hope you scored some great things!

And finally, I will not be making my house look like this:
Partly because I don't have a fireplace (oh so sad!). And partly because I don't like teddy bears...or stuffed animals for that matter (yes, what kind of kid nurse doesn't like these things!?).

But mostly because I think the day after thanksgiving should be reserved for sleeping in, drinking that extra cup of morning coffee, eating biscuits with tomato gravy (again, with zero regard for the scale!), staying in the pj's for a long time, playing games, and maybe taking a nice long walk in the sunshine.

With all of the things that I will NOT be doing today, this list seems like a perfect day to me!

What will you be doing...or NOT


  1. I am a nurse that dont like stuffed toys! :) HAve a great Thanksgiving, I will be working and I will not celebrate thanksgiving but advent! :)

  2. Thanks for coming over to my blog!

    I hear you about the lineups thing. I would rather pay full price or do without.


  3. Seems pretty perfect to me too!