Monday, November 14, 2011

Order Entry

When I was in grad school....

*wow- I say that like I've been done for 20 years. It's been 2 months people!

Anways, when I was in grad school, one of the things they teach you is how to enter orders into the computer system.

Some order entries simply require the click of a button because the order is already in the computer system as part of an "order set."

Other orders require the provider to actually type in what they want.

Which is where problems like this can happen:
Apparently this resident didn't read what he wrote. Or he read it and didn't think anything was wrong with it. Which is a much bigger problem!

Now for those non-medical people out there, "PO" essentially means "by mouth"...AKA: to eat or drink.

*Here is where my hubby is going back to the picture to re-read...and then get's it...and then scruntches up his face which makes me laugh. Every time! Love it!

Now that everyone is up to date....can we all say "EWWWWWWWWWWW!!!" Lets NOT make our patient drink their urine output as replacement!!

Thank you!

And to make matters funnier, the nurse taking care of this patient went to the resident and said, "You know, the patient is just NOT being cooperative. No matter what I do, I cannot get her to drink her urine output! Should I put an NG down to feed it to her?"

The resident didn't think it was funny.

But all the nurses did. And really that's all that matters!

Oh I love my job!

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  1. Where would we be without Nurses? My mom was pretty sick for six months and after a couple of doctor and many blood tests and other tests (the last one being a CAT scan ordered by the doctor) the doctors couldn't figure out what was wrong. When my sister was talking to a Nurse over the phone, the Nurse said "I wonder why they haven't done a blood test for H Pilori? (I think that is right)The Nurse asked for it to be done and that did the trick.