Thursday, June 23, 2011

Ahhh Vacation

Sometimes this PICU nurse just needs to get away!!

OK,'s a running joke at work that Jon and I take more vacations than anyone else in the unit. And I'm talking 200 nurses, and tons of docs.

BUT- when you work in a stressful (but amazing, rewarding and fun!) environment PLUS are in grad school, you GOTTA get away!!

And when you can find a place as gorgeous and ridiculously cheap as we did, you just can't say no!

So that's what we did. For 10 glorious days! Minus the lovely presence of Montezuma's revenge, travelers diarrhea, whatever you want to call it, it was amazing!

TMI??? Sorry, this nurse just doesn't get embarrassed about stuff like that. AND I have to say it was hilarious watching my dad's face scruntch up in disgust every time I told him he had E. Coli! Ha!!

We did a whole lot of reading on our balcony that overlooked the gorgeous Caribbean Sea, ate a lot of great, authentic Mexican food, did some snorkeling right in front of our condo, and had some time for some scooter adventures all around the island!
Mmmm, enchiladas verdes from a tiny little mom-n-pop hole in the wall...doesn't get any better than that! Another little family owned place. So cheap, so delicious! Taking the scooters around to the "wild" East side of the island! Goofing around and showing off our mad balancing skills. At a little pier on "Paradise island" And of course, a mini photo shoot!

Having a blast playing water frisbee football...I think I just made that name up...but either way it was FUN!!

Right in front of our condo had GREAT snorkling. Tons of stingrays, bright colored fish, a lobster, squid, sword fish, blow fish, and MANY MANY more bright colored fish we had no idea what they were!

Ahhh, I feel relaxed and refreshed. Probably enough to last me at least another 3 or 4 months : )

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