Thursday, June 2, 2011


WHAT?? How is it June already!?!?! I can't believe how FAST this year is going!! June is by far my favorite month out of the year, and I certainly want to enjoy it thoroughly!

I love the long, warm summer days of June. I love that my friend from the PICU & I take quick walks 1 or 2 times a shift when its nice out...and usually June is we take more walks than in any other month!

I love reading outside in the sun. I love drinking PB banana protein smoothies. I love taking walks as the sun goes down, as if the whole world is taking a big sigh from the hot day!

I know this has nothing to do with the PICU...or grad school. And it certainly is taking down the "adventure" about 10 notches! But I think we all need that sometimes!

And as summer is approaching, school is definitely winding down a bit. Which, I have to say, is SO nice!! That's the kind of adventure that I'm welcoming some downtime from!

My last day in the ER is tonight, and I'm pretty excited about it. While I had some decent shifts, I have to say I learned pretty much the exact same things as I did in clinic. And yes, I say "decent" b/c "good," "great" or "excellent" don't come anywhere in the realm! So it was pretty disappointing.

And those kids that I talked about in this post, yup they're still pouring in!

We've had 2 mosquito bites come in. WHAT???

No, you did not read that wrong!!! I know that when my kid gets a mosquito bite I'm definitely rushing them to the ER as well!! I would love to defend these parents, but there's no defense out there.

One mom brought her 6 year old b/c she wasn't sure "what kind of mosquito" it was!? What?? If your child doesn't have a fever or any signs of infection or disease, pretty sure it was an ordinary mosquito! And anyways, how were we supposed to know what "kind" it was...she didn't bring the little bugger in a jar or anything!

The second mom brought the 7 year old boy b/c the mosquito bit him on the face. She was concerned b/c he never had a mosquito bite on his face before. Oh poor guy!


So yeah, the adventure in the ER has been quite comical!

Next up? Pediatric Surgery and then Cardiovascular Surgery.

But before all that fun begins, this PICU nurse is heading off to warm and sunny Cozumel!! Oh YEAH!!!

I have 2 days of working the PICU next week, and then 3 class days....then graduation! Yes, I know, it's ridiculous! They make us walk, get a fake diploma, tell us congrats...and then push us back into school for 3 months!! So backwards!

But then I'm off to that's what I'm focusing on!! I'm looking forward to margaritas, the sun, snorkeling, relaxing, reading books that don't have anything to do with medicine, and just being with my family!!

But until then, I'll keep going with the nicer, summer paced adventure that I call being a PICU nurse and grad student! Hope you enjoy your June as much as I do!!

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