Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The beginning of the end!!

The end is in sight!!!

I think that's why I've been completely M.I.A from the blog world for the past month...I'm SPRINTING to that finish line as fast as I can leaving behind most everything else!

I have just 4 weeks of clinicals and 6 weeks of class left...seriously, SO close!

My time with Pediatric Surgery came and went faster than I thought. The past 2 weeks were a bit crazy- between work, clinicals, an orientation day at the new hospital, and a 4 hour exam, I had 10 days in a row of non-stop craziness.

So now that those are over, I can breath again. And Jon is SO glad that they're over too!! I've never heard him say "I'm so glad your done with school soon!" so many times...and I can't blame him!

I wish I had some interesting or funny stories from Peds Surg, but really, I've got nothing. Just a bunch of kids having their appendix out, lots of Hirschsprungs disease, and more rectal irrigations than I even want to remember.

Yes, rectal irrigations are as bad as they seem!

All I can say, is after only 1 day with the CV Surgery (heart) team at a completely new hospital, I love it already. Instead of 12 hour shifts, it's 10....instead of starting at 5 am, it's 7 am (talk about sleeping in!)....instead of driving 2 hours home, it's only 1!! Oh yeah, there's so many great things about this rotation.

So I'm glad that the light at the end of the tunnel is visible...that the finish line is OH so close! And where this entire grad school journey will ultimately take me, I have no idea (yet)!!

I look forward to finishing...and I look forward to the new beginnings that it will bring. But for right now, I'm just excited that I'm at the beginning of the end!

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