Sunday, May 2, 2010

I love my job!!

Or the flexibility of my job I should say!

I love that I worked "full time" 38 hrs last week and yet still had a 4 day weekend! Tomorrow is the last day of those 4 and while I'm not super ready to get back to work Tuesday, it is SO nice to be able to have so many days off!

In the last four days Jon and I have gotten tons accomplished: purchased our new wicker patio furniture, placed our cabinet pulls in the kitchen, cleaned the house, done 3 insanity workouts, gone to church, and caught up on some tivo!

And we've had TONS of fun...eating out with friends, watching movies, taking walks, drinking wine, making/grilling dinner together, and just relaxing!

There are not many jobs out there that have this kind of freedom. ..Just one of the many reasons that I LOVE being a PICU nurse : )


  1. I love your blog dana - this just inspires me all the more for what is to come for me!

  2. Its challenging, but a blessed job it is...