Saturday, May 8, 2010

Taking a Walk

I had a great day at work yesterday. In the craziness all around me (ie: surgery being performed in the room because the kid was too sick to make the trip down the hall to the OR, the code happening for almost two hours on a kid who was almost "floor status!", and the kid bleeding profusely but unable to find out from where), I had a serene, peaceful assignment!

Now on some days, I would want those other crazy assignments...I do work in the PICU afterall and love the adrenaline and excitement that comes with it. But yesterday was a nice change of pace from the last two weeks or so where I've had my fair share of the busyness!

So yesterday my job consisted on taking both my kiddos (15months and 15 years old) on walks...over and over and over. If I ever create a hospital I would make a scenic track around the ICU for the few kids that actually do get to go out and walk around the unit because let me tell ya, hospital hallways are pretty boring! If it had been nice out, we could have gone down to the courtyard...but of course it was nasty, windy and rainy : (

So we made the figure eight walk about a dozen times. Every time the 15 month old got into his stroller, he knew he was going for a walk and started laughing! SO cute!! People in the halls kept laughing at me saying I wasn't really working (umm, yes, this is my job today...not much nursing required, but it's keeping him happy!)...and several people said I looked like a mom pushing her son in the park (aww, that was kinda nice...and pushed myself into a deeper case of baby fever!)

And I figure I got another workout in for the day which is always a bonus! So glad I have this weekend off (last one before Jon starts at his new job!!), but am glad that on a typical crazy Friday in the PICU, I had a nice, peaceful, easy assignment!

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