Saturday, May 22, 2010

Oh Poop!

Let me just tell you there are days that you just have to laugh at the grossness of your job. Yesterday was one of those days for me! I had two patients (my usual 16yo boy, and another teenager boy) both of whom use the bathroom in their adult sized diapers. Oh so fun!

And even more fun when they both have straight up liquid poo that leaks out of the diaper and all over the bed! Uh-huh this is no joke people!

I felt like I was in med-surg nursing all over again cleaning old people's butts (aww, I hated that job but it still makes me sad!). Though sometimes they did make me laugh, ie: The old man as I was cleaning him saying "It's just cold in here...It's just so cold" as he's looking at his prized man parts. Uh huh....sure, it's cold, but I'm really not checking out the size of your shrived up manhood : ( Poor guy!

Back to the poop though! All morning I went from one room to the other with this horrible stench in the air cleaning up poop after poop! And the best part was when I had my one kid totally on his side cleaned up nicely, bed changed, and went to reach for the new diaper....I see he's starting to poop again! So what do I do??? efforts to NOT mess up the bed I just made up (by myself, I might add, which is no easy task!!) I put my hand under there (gloved of course) while reaching for wipes to use instead. But, yup, there was a pile of nasty orange poo in my gloved hand. Ugh, I can still smell it in my nose (barf!!). I told my patient what I just did, and he laughed! After I got rid of the glove, and washed my hands for about 10 did I!

Now that ladies and gentlemen is nursing at its finest : )

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