Friday, November 8, 2013

Goodbye Three Things....

OK, after 2 short weeks, and one of them not even being on time, I've decided 3 Things Thursday is over. 

YUP, this is coming as no surprise to me...remember what I told you my journals and diaries used to look like? I'm telling ya, a ten year span can fit in about the front 1/3 of a very small notebook!

I just realized that I don't have the kind of job that I can guarantee to blog on one particular day of the week! 

So instead, as I come up with them, I can do a 3 things here and there. 

Since I started this blog to document the many fun and crazy things that happen in the PICU I don't want to start feeling stressed or obligated to produce something.  That's definitely not needed!

So Happy Friday instead!  I'm working this weekend and am looking forward to it (as much as you can look forward to working on a weekend!). 

I spent 2 days last week spending time with the Neuro Critical Care APN and the remainder of my last several shifts have been evening/nights so I'm excited just to get back into the regular swing of daytime PICU.

My one true career love...days in the ICU! 

But tonight, it's a date night in with my man.  Nothing can beat that!

What are you doing this weekend???


  1. I always turn to TV - get lost in someone else's drama and try to forget about my own - at least for an hour or two.... plus no hangover to deal with!!! (even if I was able to drink)

    Plus it's the cheapest!!!

    1. K don't know how I commented on this post when it was intended for your newest post - erg stupid computer!