Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Three Things Thursday...ahem, Tuesday

3 Things I'm Loving:
1.) Our 3rd annual scary movie and haunted house party went off without a hitch this weekend! We had a blast!  We acutally picked 2 movies perfect for the occasion, which let me tell ya has never happened before (Mama and The Conjuring, in case you were wondering).  And the haunted house we picked was a major winner- it was in a huge arcade and was 19 rooms of horror, PLUS a 3-D haunted experience which was awesome!!  The only downside, I got so wrapped up in the fun I forgot to take a picture of my amazing food and drinks spread...it all turned out so creatively and awesomely (and yes, that's now a word!).  Oh well, at least we got a few pics of the friends...and that's what counts, right???

2.) A little bit of arm bling that I got on MAJOR discount (like $3!), plus free overnight shipping. Gotta love a great bargain!  Too bad these aren't very work friendly...I'd likely stab a patient in the eye with the spikes! OK, retract former statement, these DEFINITELY are NOT work friendly!

3.) The pickles I wanted to try here...Umm, YES they are AMAZING!! So much so Jon and I have eaten no less than 2 entire jars of them in the last week!  I'd love to say we rationed them over the 7 days, but no...we definitely ate the first jar in one sitting, and the second jar the same way!  Nothing like homegrown cucumbers turned oh so delicious organic pickles!

3 Things I'm Loathing:
1.) Precious little ones passing away. Heaven gained a new little angel yesterday and while I am so grateful that I can be a presence and support to the family, it doesn't make each and every death any easier. My thoughts and prayers are with the family through this incredibly difficult time. 
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2.) Open Enrollment Preparation- ohh, my eyes are going blurry just thinking about the chart again!  Wouldn't it be nice if there was just a one sized fits all insurance package that was great for everyone! And I love how every year I've been at this hospital they keep increasing the monthly premiums and decreasing the actual benefits that we actually get.  Or changing the insurance to companies that stink!  So much so that my hospital no longer accepts patients with OUR insurance!! They will let employee's children be seen here, but nobody else with our subpar insurance will be accepted. That's a lovely message to employees, huh!?
3.) The fact that the second installment of Three Things Thursday is being posted on Tuesday.  Yes, I knew this would happen. You should see my journals from high school, college and early married years. There's like 7 entries spaced out over a 2 year span, and then about 200 blank pages.  Oh well! Three Things Tuesday it is this week!

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