Friday, July 27, 2012

APN Bootcamp

So this week we had APN Bootcamp.  Time to whip my PICU booty into shape!

Sounds kinda intimidating, huh!?

I was actually kinda nervous going into it, mainly because a majority of the time we were in the simulation lab where all kinds of scary can happen!

But it wasn't so bad.

And it was even kinda fun!

I successfully intubated a baby for the first time (first time to try, not first time successful)!  A SIMBaby that in one that doesn't really breath, or have a real heartbeat, but hey, I'll take what I can get right now!

We also got through a full code in one of the PICU rooms, and didn't kill our dummy, so that's always a bonus : )

There were lots of lectures about communication and how to really speak up to give our patients the best possible care.

And of course there are plenty of scenarios using SimLady and SimBaby that can talk by the man or woman behind the window.  There's nothing like talking to a plastic patient, and having them actually talk back!

So time to enjoy a fun weekend with the family after an exhausting week of bootcamp!  Hope you all have a relaxing, fun weekend without work!

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  1. That sounds very scary but yet very useful! I always get so nervous when we do trainings, no idea why as that is when it is okay to do mistakes! :) Nejoy your weekend! :)