Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Fancy Fruit and Fireworks

Happy 4th of July!

To all my nursing friends that had to work today, I hope that you didn't have to work too hard.

I on the other hand, did not work all!  It was truly a relaxing a fun day with my hubby.

We slept in, had coffee leisurely in bed, and then headed out into the heat for some soccer.  Which really just turned into passing the ball around because it was just TOO hot to be running!

Then we came home for some awesome grilled black bean burgers and beers.  And then I inflated my little 2 man boat and filled it with water, to make my very own personal plunge pool.  It was fantastic, to enjoy the sun and outdoors, but stay cool at the same time!

And then we relaxed some more.  Tonight, it's movie time.  But not before we grilled yet again (this time chicken and red peppers) and a nice tossed salad.

AND grilled peaches.  Oh MY!  These were GOOD!!  I've seen a few magazine articles lately about grilling fruit, so I thought we'd give it a try.  And this is a winner!

Plus, it was super simple.  I looked up a few recipes and just took bits and pieces of the ones I found to make what I thought sounded the best...and these did not disappoint!
1.) Cut the peach in half, and take out the pit.
2.) Melt a little bit of butter and add cinnamon and a dash of rum.
3.) Coat both sides of the peach with the butter mixture.
4.) Grill on each side for 4 minutes.
We ate these plain, but they would be absolutely AMAZING with a scoop of vanilla ice cream, or even some homemade whipped cream! YUM! 
 And what's some good grillin' without a handsome grill master!?

So it has truly been a happy, if not super relaxing, 4th of July!  And really, with all the stress and craziness of the PICU, what APN could ask for more!?

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