Saturday, January 21, 2012

The Waiting Room

Waiting rooms are an interesting thing. I tend to forget what waiting rooms are really like because we certainly don't have them in the PICU. That's what the ER is for (ooh, my ER friends are really cringing at that one...sorry!).

When I do find myself in the waiting room of a doctors office though, it's always an interesting experience. And today was no exception.

I was in the fertility specialists office again early this morning and just found myself laughing. Laughing at how different it is to be a patient rather than the nurse. And then just laughing at all of the other people in the waiting room with me!

First of all, if there is better birth control out there than the following scenario, developing it will allow you to become a millionaire! This couple, who obviously wants to have another child (unbeknownst why to me!) brings in their toddler terror...I mean precious baby boy. This kid is running around the entire office waiting room, screaming, jumping off the couches, and throwing the magazines everywhere!

This is in between him having the nastiest cough and runny nose which of course he is wiping away with his hands and then touching everything in the office...tables, chairs, magazines, doors, the weird little plaster 3-D pictures they have of naked women on the walls...everything! (sidenote: the plaster naked women freak me out a bit!).

Remind me never, ever, to read doctors office magazines again! Or touch their doorknobs for that matter (wow, does that sound a little nurse-germ-OCD or what!?).

So yeah, thinking about having kids? Come to this office with this kid, and it might make you think, "ummm, not so sure about that!" Or it may just make you think about disciplining your kids. Either way!

And then there's the couple that thinks they are the only couple in the entire waiting room. Except there are 6 other couples there. But they are talking about their week, what they want for dinner, and job stuff loud enough for us all to participate in the conversation.

What really made me laugh (and almost chime in on their oh-so-sweet conversation) was when the husband was flipping through a local restaurant magazine and commented that he wanted to take his wife there for their upcoming anniversary. Aww, cute right. She got these sparkly eyes and was about to go on about how she would be so excited when he interrupted her. Apparently while she was swooning, he was reading the fine print which said it would be $110 per person for this 6 course meal (like how I seriously heard EVERY single detail?...I'm telling ya...he was LOUD!). Then he says, "Wow, we should just buy blinds for the house instead!"

Oh there's a romantic for ya!

And then there's the lady who is obviously SO over not getting pregnant that she makes it known to the entire office. This lady is also the only one without her husband, or a significant other in there with her...which I'm thinking may have helped to diffuse some of her anger.

But, she would pick up a magazine, see a pregnant lady and then throw it back down on the table. Pick up another maganize, see a pregnant celebrity and throw it down. This time with a little growl! Then she starts flipping through ALL the magazines on the table, trying to decipher which one may not have a pregnant lady or pictures of baby nurseries in it. Except there were no "Plumbers Weekly" or "Accountants Digest" magazines in the mix. So she just flops back on her chair and starts grumbling to herself.

Oh I told ya that the fertility waiting room is one cool place to be! OK, not really, but at least there is some comic relief if you do have to be there!

And I must say that while I don't love that I have to be a patient there, I am certainly glad that I'm not a nurse there! I definitely wouldn't want my job to be centered around one lady part...enough said!

But more than that, I truly love taking care of kiddos. I love the chaotic, adrenaline rushing atmosphere that is known as the PICU. And I love being able to nurse a super sick, trying to die little one back to the terror that I saw in the waiting room...healthy, vibrant, and crazy!

Now how's that for coming full circle!

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