Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!!!


Once again, this PICU nurse gets Thanksgiving off thanks to my "Year of Jubilee" which I think I have referenced in about 17 posts, so I won't bore you with it again!!!

There is seriously nothing better than not having to work on a holiday. Can I get a "what, what!?" from the other medical professionals out there!?

So this Thanksgiving, I will eat my weight in things that have the word "potato" in them, laugh with my family, drink some good wine, and just enjoy the time off while reflecting on the things that I am grateful for.

*Quality time with my family
*Extra snuggle time in the mornings with my man
*Nursing my hot cup of java in an oversized mug
*My mom's mashed potatoes....these are serious folks!
*Laughing HARD late into the night with my sister, hubby and brother in-law
*A great glass of cabernet
*My 2 incredible boot finds recently at the thrift store
*Comfy clothes
*Pretty earrings
*Best friends that you don't have to "try" with
*Great interval workouts
*Christmas music on the radio during long road trips to grammys
*A fall candle that makes my house smell SO yummy (thank you CL!!)
*Sparkling water

What are you grateful for this year!?

I hope you enjoy your holiday, with family, friends, laughter and good food this year! Happy Thanksgiving!!!

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  1. I agree! :) Nothing better than knowing your day will be just as everyone elses! :) That is why we appreciate the holidays we are not going to work so much! :D