Sunday, November 6, 2011

Do I have a sign that reads....

"PLEASE TRIPLE ME EVERY TIME I WORK" plastered on my forehead!?

In bright red letters?

And in 7 different languages so ALL people can read it!?

I must, b/c two out of the 3 shifts that I worked this week I was tripled. And the third shift I had meetings, so it doesn't really count.

I know I mentioned being tripled on my Halloween post. But it happened again yesterday.

And being tripled on a Saturday in the PICU is never a good sign. In fact, you can pretty much sum up your entire day once you get that assignment.
I'm not going to rant. In fact, I'm going to keep this post short. So that I can savor every single minute of the fact that I'm NOT back at work today! Hallelujah!

But I will say that having the three patients I had yesterday meant that I did not eat until 4:15pm, did not pee until approximately 5:15 pm, and while I did drink about 100 oz of water, it was consumed between the hours of 4 and 7 pm.

Talk about peeing every 10 minutes. But I was SOO thirsty. From all my hard work.

So today, I will not think about work (anymore!) Instead, I will get my church on, and then come home and do absolutely nothing more than relax with my man. And eat some great food. Probably enough to make up for a lack of food yesterday : )

Relaxing + My Man + Great (and lot!) Food

Now that's a triple I can smile about!

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