Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!!!

Happy Halloween!!!!

I hope that you have a fun and safe Halloween this year!!

I celebrated in the PICU with the little ones today. And while most people don't like working on holidays, I actually love working this one!

While our census is way high right along with our acuity now, we still have some kiddos that were able to dress up!! I wish I could post pictures, but that would be violating hippa...blah, blah!

But we had quite the assortment: a Sponge Bob, a prisoner (ohh, so sad...a Prisoner of the PICU"), several princesses, and a skeleton.

We also had a few staff members dress up which I fully intended to post pics, but of course the day was CRA-ZAZY!!

In the period of 12 hours I had five different patients. This included being "tripled" (having 3 patients at once) which is just not common in our PICU b/c most of the times the kids are way to sick, admitting one patient from the OR, admitting one pt from the ER, and discharging a little princess home to go trick or treating!

So nevertheless, there was zero opportunity for photo ops- except one that I got passed along.How cute is this t-shirt!!?? Love it!

Had you seen a pic of ME today, you would have seen my ingenious creativity in costume design. I was a full fledge.....


Yes, I know! So creative! But I must say I pulled off the part superbly : )

What did you dress up as?? Or were you working through the holiday as well!?! Either way, I hope that you have a happy, spooky, and fun Halloween!!


  1. I was working, but I did see a pretty awesome mouse in a block of cheese walking around! ")

  2. I actually got to be off for the first time in years, I was a mobster girl complete with tiny toy gun in a garter belt and my friend was Miss Piggy!