Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Busy, Busy!

Do you ever have times when you are so super busy and all you can think about is the time in the future when you will actually have some free time!? And then that time actually comes, and you wonder where in the world all that "free time" actually is!?

Yeah, that's happened to me!!

I must say that while school is done, I have wasted NO time in filling up my schedule with "stuff." And while the past 2 weeks of being "done" have been awesome, they certainly have kept me busy.

I'll take busy working out, busy catching up with friends, busy with lunch dates, and busy with hubby time over school busy any day though! So there are NO complaints here!!

And the PICU has manned up to its reputation and kept me busy over the last week!

One minute our census is low, we're "floating" to work on other floors, and the kids we do have in the PICU just don't really seem to need to be there!

If ever there was a perfect recipe for causing PICU nurses to complain, this is it!! We don't like to "float" to other units. The NICU is typically the place we go to most often, and while we share 3 letters (why do I have the strong urge to spell these 3 letters out to you...literally!?), we are WORLDS apart. And we like it that way!!

Sometimes, we have to go to the "floor" (AKA: not an ICU), and this is definitely a different world!!! When kids aren't in the PICU, they don't need things like breathing tubes or the really good pain meds...all of which keep them quiet! So the floors have lots of complaining kids, whining kids, bratty kids!!

HA- I just read that, and completely realize what it makes me sound like. But, it's the truth. And yes, I still LOVE children...even the talking, crying, sometimes screaming ones!

But lucky for me, it was not my turn to float this past week. I got the joy of watching the PICU go from 21 patients to 40 in what seemed like a matter of one night.

And the kids we're getting are SICK! Like, yes, you deserve this PICU admission sick!

All of this busy-ness caused me to have 3 assignments on one day, which is loads of fun! Makes floating to the NICU where you have 2 or 3 "feeder-grower" babies not so bad!

But I have to say, now that I'm done with school, I LOVE being busy in the PICU. Before, I wanted the "nice" assignments so that in my down time, I could get school work done. But now that there's no school work, I'm loving the busyness again!

Ahh, feels just like I'm a new grad again craving the hard assignments. The sick assignments. The ones where I don't sit down all day. Or drink water. Or pee. Yeah, this sounds really healthy! But it certainly makes the day go by so much faster!

And maybe tomorrow I'll even make time to tell ya about some of the busyness. Because there were some great PICU nuggets in there!

But now I'm off, to actually enjoy a non-busy night. Since Jonny isn't feeling well, we have grand plans for comfy pants, some wine and cheese, and catching up on our DVR. That sounds like a perfect, opposite of busy, evening to me!

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  1. I understand the flooting, I was often sent relieving (as they called it in oz)from a sort of HDU for 0-12 months to SCBU or PICU. Feeding farm the first one and so old children in the other! :) NICU would have been sort of okay, but was never sent there. On the other wards I was totally lost and felt like saying to the kids,s top talking! ;)