Thursday, April 7, 2011

Thursday's Thoughts

On this lovely Thursday, I'd like to part with you some thoughts of wisdom that I have:

1.) If you are "invited" to join a gang, don't do it

2.) If you choose to join said gang, don't partake in their violent acts

3.) If you choose to partake in gang related violent acts, don't announce your plan on your Facebook status

4.) If on the way to gang related violent activities, make sure your gun is safely tucked away and not ready to fire

5.) If said gun fires while you're riding your bike to your gang related violent activities, stop drop and roll. Oh wait, that's if you're on fire. OK, well if you shoot yourself on accident...umm...what were you thinking!?!?

Thursdays Thoughts were generated by an upstanding adolescent of the PICU. Yes, this really happened!

The details of where the gun was (in the sweatshirt front pocket vs. jeans pocket vs him holding it) is a bit unclear, but what was NOT fuzzy was the fact that he hit a pothole and it fired!

The bullet went in his left lower chest, just below his heart, and straight through. This dude is lucky (he'll be completely fine!)!!! Stupid, but lucky!!!

His poor mom sitting by his bedside watched the evening news and said "There's my baby on the news. Yup, he'll be known as the gang banger who shot himself while riding his bicycle!"

So on this Thursday, if you find yourself wanting to take a bike ride... with a gun... to shoot up some opposing gang members, I hope you can take these thoughts to heart. Perhaps by listening to thought #1 you'll stay out of this mess, and maybe not shoot yourself right in the chest!

But if you choose to ignore these thoughts, there will always be this PICU nurse ready and willing to heal your wounds... trying to hide the smirk on her face for the ridiculousness of your actions! Oh I love being a PICU nurse!

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