Friday, April 22, 2011

Catching Up

WOW- where did the last 2 weeks go!?!? They just flew by for me!!

Wait a sec...have I blogged this before?? Or is this just de-ja-vu??

Either way, the last 2 weeks were so busy they literally just flew by! And I'm grateful! Because now I'm done with my second of 5 clinicals!

My time with infectious diseases is over. It's bitter sweet. I'm glad to be moving step closer to graduation. But this rotation was awesome! I learned SO much, was SO not stressed (who freaks out over which antibiotic to choose!?!?) and just really enjoyed the attending that was teaching me.

But next week I start my ER rotation. I guess ED depending on where you're from : ) Either way, I'm excited about it. The ER is a little bit like the PICU in that each day can be something totally new. And it also shares some of the stress level and adrenaline at times.

So while I may not be sitting back, listening to infectious disease journal club, or infectious disease conference, or infectious disease lecture (yes, thursdays were like 6 straight hours of ID discussion! See what I mean about the low stress??)...I will be doing some suturing, triaging sick kids, and doing whatever else they do down in that ER!

I'm sure it will prove to give me some good stories...especially since I will be in a pediatric section of an "all-ages" a not so great section of town. Oh, and I work from noon til 11 pm. So there's bound to be some crazy drunks or crazy adult fun that I don't normally partake in. So it'll be interesting : )

What have you been up to these past 2 weeks??

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