Saturday, February 26, 2011

Just wanting to cuddle

I got paid yesterday to sit in bed with a 3 year old and hold her. She still has the breathing tube in, and no family (mom in rehab, dad out of the picture, aunt who has custody just "can't bear to see her like this", etc.).

All she wanted (ok, other than the breathing tube out, like, yesterday!) was to be held!!! She was so stinking adorable, so how could I say no!

I had to completely shut out the germophobe in me, and just climb right in, where she nuzzled right up against me. We read books, we sang, played with toys, and she slept...a lot!

Everytime I tried sneaking out of bed, she would wake right back up and scream!! At one point when I told her I had to go to the bathroom she started to shake her head in a sassy little way! I said, "Are you giving me attitude?" and snapped my fingers back and forth, laughing!... to which she shook her head yes!

Oh this little one is going to be fiesty! She apparently has flicked off some of the other nurses (yes, she's 3!). She pinched my boob when I was trying to move at one point (yeah, that was NO hurt!). And the looks she gave me at times when I was telling her "no" showed me that she was saying all kinds of naughty things in her head!

All I know, is depsite her being on ridiculously high (and I mean CRAZY high!!) doses of morphine, versed and precedex (all medications to make her comfortable, not agitated, forget this horrible time, and chill), she better remember my cuddle time with her!!

Some days being a PICU nurse isn't so much about the knowledge or skills, but more about true nursing. Nursing a 3 year old back to health. And doing so in a way that involves cuddling as a substitute for sedative medications.

What a joy it was to leave work last night (minus the bruise on the boob!). I look forward to work on Monday, when the tube is out, and I can hear her sweet voice...Or what I'm hoping is sweet. If the 4 letter words are flying, we're going to have to have some words...appropriate ones for a 3 year old!

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