Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Long time...Long Post!

Wow- it has definitely been awhile since my last post. Part of that was because we went on vacation, and then I had 2 weeks off of school (SO needed!)

But I've been back at it now and work has been CRAZY!!! One day last week the code button went off 5 times before 10:30am. One little baby was getting a bath and her heart just stopped (she is in the hospital because she just had heart surgery)- so she was crashed onto ECMO (think heart and lung bypass machine similar to what is used in surgeries). A second kid decided to stop breathing and had to be intubated. The third kid was a liver transplant who started having arrythmias (funky heart rhythms), lost her pulses, and needed compressions. The other 2 were farther from me so I didn't get involved. But, let me tell ya, one true code is enough for a day....5 is out of control!!

We have had 3 kids die in the past 2 weeks which has been hard (2 had cancer, one was waiting for a liver transplant). Like I said, crazy at work.

On a more positive note, I sent my other boy up yesterday to the general floor which was bittersweet...probably more bitter than sweet! It's great to see him getting better, but so sad to see him go : ( 4 months is a long time to take care of a little kiddo. So I've made my way out of my corner and will (hopefully) find another nice little assignment with a great family to take care of. I told the nurse in charge yesterday if I come in Thursday and am put in 218/219 I will not be laughing! I need a break from that corner...especially now that my boys aren't there!

One day last week I took care of the cutest little 15 month old boy- blonde curly hair and wildly blue eyes!! He had croup and was working pretty hard to breath (ok, really hard, we thought we were going to intubate him for awhile, but he got better!) and so he couldn't eat. BUT- the next day I was there he looked tons better and all he kept asking for was "ham"- He said it in the cutest little high pitched voice. So he got his ham....ate a bunch of it, and then promptly threw up all over his moms lap! No later than the second he closed his mouth after barfing up his whole dinner, did he say "ham!" hello, kids crack me up! I'm pretty sure when I throw up, the last thing I want to do immediately is eat....especially the same food I just threw up! YUCK!!

On school: Clinicals start this week- I'll be going once a week to a primary care office, so I'm looking forward to it. I'm sure it will be lovely being in an office setting during cold and flu season....oh boy!! Classes don't look too hard....Peds Pharmacy is writing intensive so I'll have to write a 4-6 page paper each week but that's not so bad....and then Pediatric Primary Care has 3 projects and 3 tests, so again, not so bad. My 3rd class goes along with the clinicals and will just involve short write ups, so piece of cake! This will be the busiest class schedule for me until I graduate, so I just have to get through the next 10 weeks. I can do anything for 10 weeks (my mantra over the past 2 years!!)

I'll post an update this weekend to let you know how my first day of clinicals went!! Exciting!!

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