Thursday, August 26, 2010

2 Days, 2 Good-byes

Over the past 2 days, I have had to say good-bye to 2 things.

Yesterday I said good-bye to my "PICU boyfriend"...something us PICU nurses always joke about with our kiddos that we've taken care of forever. Ask any PICU nurse and they'll rattle off several "boyfriends" or "girlfriends" they've had over the years. One of the many joys of working in a setting that allows us to take care of the same patient over an extended period of time.

My older of the two boys I've been taking care of went up to the regular floor yesterday. Great victory for him as it is one step closer to home...but sad to see him go : ( 5 months is a LONG time to take care of someone...

Hopefully he'll stay up there for a short time, and then make it home. Unfortunately there's already a bet among our unit as to when he'll be back. That's one bet I'm NOT entering!! (But, on a side note, I did tell the charge nurse yesterday to keep his room open for the next 5 days or so...just in case! Wouldn't want my 2 boys to be separated if they did happen to both be in the PICU again at the same time!)

And my second good-bye: PEACE OUT PHYSICAL EXAM!!! Well, P.E. class anyways!! I suppose my entire job is based largely around physical exam so I'm not kissing the concept good-bye....just the tests, the readings, the classwork etc.

I took my final today and was SO glad to be done. Interestingly, it was the easiest test of the 3 that we had....or so I thought....I did the worse on this one compared to the other 2. Oh well...apparently STI's (sexually transmitted infections), male/female genitalia, and musculoskeletal issues are not my thing. Not sad there!!

BUT- regardless of the exam, I rocked out another 2 A's this quarter. And a special thanks to my sister (HAPPY BIRTHDAY TOO!!!!) who helped me get an A on the last physical exam video!! You made a great "18 year old college student with a wheeze and cough"- so believable!!

So 2 good-byes in 2 days.

Now, I'm getting ready to say hello to a full Fall semester...and probably a full room 219 in the PICU....and looking forward to seeing what adventures these "hellos" will bring.

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