Saturday, June 23, 2012

The Pictures Promised

Happy 7th Anniversary!!!  So this post is a little late, but better late than never, right!?

We celebrated 7 years of a wonderful, fun, crazy, and memory making marriage earlier this month.  I have to say that while the trip was short, it was oh so sweet.

And it was nice to be away from the PICU at bit...something about the crystal clear waters of the Bahamas not being as stressful as the PICU! Go figure!
I love that after 7 years, this man still makes me laugh...a lot!
Nothing like a cold beer, a good book and my feet in the sand!
Enjoying a glass of wine at the Piano Bar before dinner
Enjoying the gorgeous sunny day in Nassau

And enjoying some amazing fresh caught conch salad! Mmmm....
Cruising is the best! Especially with your best friend!
Trying to take shelter on the private island from the crazy storms!
But we clean up pretty well for dinner : )
Back in soon!  

It was a great trip...and was the perfect celebration for the last 7 years of an incredible marriage!  I look forward to many, many more!