Monday, April 9, 2012

Snippets of Stay-cation

Last weekend I mentioned that it was the start of a week long stay-cation. After saying that, Jon and I realized we've NEVER taken a stay-cation before! We've certainly taken complete advantage of our time off and vacation days, but never by taking advantage of the great little town we call home!

The week went by WAY too fast though!

Before I knew it, our staycation was OVER : (

And now its back to real world and getting ready to go back to work. Unfortunately that means pulling those scrubs back out that I put away (as discussed here) since my DEA # didn't come in time.

Are all states THIS slow!?!? Everything about this process has been painfully S.L.O.W.!!!

So one more week, and I wait. And am HOPING (and praying...and crossing fingers...and legs, and anything else that may help to speed up the process just a bit!) that it will come in this week, in enough time to apply for temporary privileges so that I can actually start next Monday.

Who would have thought going from RN to APN would be such an ordeal. A timely, paperwork overload ordeal!

But before I head off to what I hope is my last week as a staff nurse (again!) I will leave you with some highlights of our stay-cation:
We went downtown to see some sights and enjoy a bit of the beach.

Succeeded in being productive: replaced our old, builders grade kitchen faucet with an amazing new one! This bad boy makes a HUGE difference! And by "being productive" I mean Jon was...I just helped at the very end hold onto the faucet so he could make sure everything was secured tightly : )
Did a little bit of catch up on a book I've been reading and some magazines:

And finally, to celebrate Jon's 31st birthday (a bit early) I made this cake...and it was AWESOME!!! Kinda a long process to make, but so worth it...especially when your mom helps do a majority of it! Either way, birthday man said it was the BEST cake I'd ever made! *Note: if you use the recipe as listed, I didn't have cake I used regular flour and just took out 3 Tbl from the recipe. Couldn't tell a difference.

So here's to a new week, starting fresh after a great stay-cation! And also to (*hopefully) the end of one great RN era, and the start of a new APN era!

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  1. Congrats on beginning your APN journey! I'm so excited for you, by the way that cake looks yum!!! Happy Birthday to your honey!