Monday, April 16, 2012

And then we wait some more

So apparently it takes more than a week for certain people to get 3 signatures.

That's seriously ALL we're waiting on to start my job!

Despite being told that she would need one week to gather all the signatures, apparently that wasn't enough. Even though I saw one of the physicians who needs to sign the document at work every day last week. And the other two have offices just doors down from hers.

I'm pretty sure I could have whipped those 3 signatures out in a few hours, but for some reason I'm not allowed to do that.

And so, I wait some more!


On another note, my estrogen level today was 776 (baseline I sit in the 50's at this point in my cycle)!!!! This could perhaps explain my increased frustration about the whole job thing...and my outright craziness last week. Oh my poor husband!

So hopefully this week my estrogen will make its steady decline back to where it usually resides, and the 3 signatures will be obtained so I can start my new job...and then we can all live Happy Ever After!

The End.

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