Saturday, March 31, 2012

Packing but Staying at Home

This is what I did today:
Took all my scrubs (which, yes, include Dora, Curious George, Eeyore, Nemo, and princesses...I love peds!) down from the hangers, folded them neatly, and packed them away.

Well, not really packed them away AWAY, but at least put them on a really high shelf in my closet that I can't reach without a step stool.

Why is this!?

Because I am pretty sure...and extremely hopeful...that yesterday was my LAST day as a staff nurse in the PICU! I have the next week off for a staycation with my family (YEAH!!!!) and then hopefully I will go back to work as PICU APN!

My last day was bittersweet though. Actually mostly bitter because I didn't even get to work in the PICU. I had to float to the neuro/endocrine floor : (

Great! I put in 7 years in the PICU, and to celebrate my last day as a bedside nurse, I get to do the complete opposite of PICU.

While it stunk to not be in my my home...I learned 2 things.

1.) Parents can be just as CRAZY on general pediatric floors as in the PICU.

and 2.) I didn't realize JUST how stressful the PICU is until I was on a completely different type of unit!

It's amazing how different the regular floors are. SO much more chill, more relaxed!

I don't say that to put the floors down, but the PICU is just different! And apparently I love that stress. Because when I walked back onto the unit at the end of the day, I smiled, took a deep breath, and thought "Ahhh, I'm back home!"

So it's nice to know that despite putting away my scrubs, I won't have to be packing up and moving to a new home. I get to stay in my comfy, cozy....ok, stressful, crazy...but wonderful PICU home!

Let's just hope that all the last minute credentialing paperwork goes through on time. Otherwise, I guess I'll have to get that step stool back out and grab Nemo or George one last time. And hey, I guess that won't be so bad. At least as I unpack my bags (ah-hem, shelf), I am returning home.

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