Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Save the Best for Last

Today was the end of the end...essentially! A few posts back, I talked about the beginning of the end. And now, here I am!

At the end!! I can't believe it!

Today was my masters capstone presentation. And if I do say so myself (and I do, hey it's my blog!) I rocked it!!

Lately, I've decided that I really like speaking in front of people. I love presenting things that I am passionate about.

I've gotten the opportunity to do a few power point presentations recently at work, and loved it.

My masters capstone was no exception.

For the past week, I have been telling a few of my classmates that I wanted to present first. While I do love presenting, I wanted to "get it over with."

Presenting for a group of willing participants at work is one thing. Presenting in front of the entire masters program with director and professors is another!

So of course, as much as I wanted to go first, guess who was scheduled to go dead last?

Yup, that's this girl!

Oh well! I waited all day for my presentation time to come up, and when it did, it went well. I really enjoyed the project that I chose to work on, so speaking about all the hard work I've put in over the past 8 months was not that difficult.

And of course, those of you who know me, know when I sat down, I for sure thought:
"Well, that went well. Pretty well, in fact! I wonder HOW well I did...I mean in comparison to all the others? Like, would I be best, second best?? I wish we got a ranking!"

WHO thinks that!!!???

So when it came time to leave, we all got our comment cards back. My favorite one was from the director of the program:

I guess I did get my answer : ) They saved the best for last!!!

**For those of you that can't see it (gee, I don't know why with my great phone picture and paper written in pencil!) the last comment by the director was "We saved the best for last!"

So I'm glad (SOOO glad!) that the end is here!! I have just one more day of clinicals tomorrow and I'm actually really excited about it...I love that place!

And then, most of my work in the 2 classes is I'm totally there!!

While I'm not completely done until August 27th, I'm there. And that's what counts!

So for all of you out there who thought being last stunk, think again! Things at the end can be great. The end can be exciting!

And hey, some choose to save the best for last ; )

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